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Forestry Mulching
Bush Brush Hogging
Concrete Drivway Sidewalk


Forestry mulching is an environmentally friendly land management practice that uses a specialized machine to quickly and efficiently clear land of trees, brush, and stumps. This process can be used for a variety of purposes including land preparation for construction, land clearing for fire breaks, and creating trails and paths. Vegetation is ground into small pieces that are left to decompose, eliminating the need for hauling away debris. This can save time and money, making forestry mulching a great choice for many land management needs.


Bushhogging, sometimes referred to as brush hogging, is cutting anything taller or thicker than a lawnmower is able to cut.. It involves using a heavy-duty tractor-mounted bushhog to cut and shred vegetation, allowing the land to be used for other purposes. Bushhogging is a great tool for farmers and land owners to use when trying to manage large areas of land, and can be a very efficient way to clear land quickly.


Concrete forming and finishing, Driveways, Patios, Parking lots, Basements and Concrete stamping 

Site Preparation


Demolition services can be dangerous and must always be planned and controlled. No matter the size or scope of your demolition project, make sure the work is always being handled by a qualified professional. At Holloway Construction Company, we bring rich experience and a safe track record to every demolition project we take on. Our ability to work quickly, safely and thoroughly has made us a leading company in the industry.


Does stormwater leave you troubled? Digging It Deeper can assess all water issues and prescribe a solution to your water troubles


We have excavated many custom home foundations, driveways and even basements.  We have worked with several concrete contractors here in Sevierville and Knoxville. If you are building a house and need the foundation excavated, look no further. We will meet with you and your concrete contractor and discuss exactly what needs to be done. After a “benchmark” elevation is established we will excavate and haul-off the spoils if necessary. We will leave the job-site clean, smooth and ready for your foundation crew to come in and get to work.


Septic Installation Repair
Gravel Delivery Hauling Service
Trenching Utilities - Water Lines Electrical Lines


For all of your septic tank needs and residential excavating services, including septic system installations or tank removals.


Digging It Deeper also performs sewer and water services. We have the ability to replace, install and repair residential and commercial sewer and water lines. We have installed miles of pipe in and around the East Tennessee area. We have completed many projects that included installation of new water and sewer lines.


A commonly used gravel size for driveway base layers is #3 gravel. This rock is generally 1-2 inches in diameter and does double duty by establishing a solid, reliable foundation and providing adequate drainage; both critical factors in driveway construction.


Many contractors who do grading and site development are only certified in one, if any, utilities so few are able to offer that service to you in their quote. We perform all of the work on the utilities that are relevant to our grading work. Engineers appreciate this streamlined approach because it clears up a lot of confusion and chaos as well as speeds up project implementation

Land Clearing
Driveway Culvert Installation
Gutter Drain Installation


This service is great for clearing the way for new building site construction, expanding the views from established locations, extending or creating new pasture, etc. We are able to create an open space for the property owner to continue their dream build or create an amazing opportunity to capture the views that may be lost to trees and overgrowth.


Are you bidding a road-building project? Does your home or business need a new driveway? No matter what type of surface you’re considering, Digging It Deeper can help.


For natural stone driveways, Digging It Deeper offers full installation service. We will excavate and prepare the site, deliver the surface aggregate, and install it. For added stability, we can blend an organic stabilizer into the stone.


Digging It Deeper will do all of the excavating and sitework to properly prepare your site prior to the installation of an asphalt or concrete roadway.


Map, Plan, Bury Downspouts, Connect Gutter Adapter at the House and Lay Downspout Pipe.

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